Walking Rugby Every Sunday at 11am

What is Walking Rugby?

Walking rugby is touch rugby without running but brisk walking instead. It is one of England Rugby’s non-contact formats of the game. There is no tackling involved, instead a touch on the armpit or below are used. Played on a half pitch, participants must be walking at all times. 

Who can play?

Everyone is welcome from Year 7 of school upwards.

When and Where?

Every Sunday at 11am at Romsey Rugby Club on the 4G – this is the fenced Astro turf area by the car park.

How much is it? Do I need to be a member?

Yes you’ll need to be a social member which is £8 per month, but come along and give it a try first if you like.

What do I wear?

General sports clothes plus Astro shoes or rugby/football boots. No flat sole trainers or blades allowed.

Do I need any experience?

Absolutely none.

How long is the session ?

1 hour.

What next?

Come along and give it a try! Any more questions email playing@romseyrugby.club