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Update – Nick Smith

April 22, 2024

To all the members of Romsey Rugby Club

I have some very sad news to share with you all. Our club member Nick Smith recently received a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Understandably, this news came as a huge shock, as he had attributed the lack of mobility in his shoulders to other causes, for which he was under investigation.  

Nick has asked me to reach out and reassure everyone that he is not hiding away despite the significant challenges he and his family are now facing. On speaking with Nick, it seemed clear to me he is tackling this head on, with as much positivity he can muster and with the unwavering support of his wife Jackie, together with his boys Henry and Alistair. 

Though the road ahead will be tough, but he is committed to staying as active as possible with the hope of attending as many of Romsey’s matches in the 2024-25 season as he can. Knowing RRFC as we do, I’m sure he can count on our support and assistance whenever he is with us. You will all remember the time and effort he dedicated to the transfer of the Club to our new home at Kings Chase, and especially working to the deadline of getting the bar operational in time for the Six Nations last season.  

Nick is hoping he can join Rob Burrow on one of his walks in Yorkshire this summer. It’s moments like these, surrounded by friends and family, that remind me of the power of unity and determination in difficult times.

In conversation with Nick, it is clear to me he is trying to continue his life as near as possible to that he intended, being open and willing to discuss his situation so please, don’t hesitate to make an approach.

Sorry to be the bearer of this sad news.